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    Voting Thread

    Voting helps promote our server on the server lists. You may vote on each of these sites once every day. Upon voting, you will receive a Vote Key. Visit /warp crates when you are ready to open your key(s)!

    • You must be online when you vote.
    • Your votes will only go to the server that you are currently on.
    Vote Links


    You will receive ingame rewards for each time you vote for our server. What will you receive for voting open the spoiler.
    » $500 Ingame cash
    » 5 Obsidian
    » 1 Vote Key

    You only receive 3 of the above, and they are all random.

    Premium Keys

    Not having any luck with Vote Keys? You might want to try our Premium Keys. You can get these from our server store here. These contain better loot than vote crates, and also support the server!
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