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    My Username: Tamsy
    Offender Username: _The_Tick_
    Violation committed: X-ray hack.
    Explanation: Player joined the server for the first time last night. We began talking and I helped him get started by moving him out from spawn to a warp that I had set. When he asked about silking mob spawners, I told him that players who purchased ranks had the power to do so. Later on, he asked me if I would silk a mob spawner that he had found. I agreed, teleported to him, mined the spawner, and teleported back to where I was. A few minutes later, he asked me to do so again, and even offered to pay me for the service. I declined the money, but helped him once again. Minutes later, he asked once more for me to mine a spawner. At this point I became suspicious of him, as he was either cheating or was remarkably lucky. When asked, he simply replied that he "was amazing" and then told me of a spider spawner that he knew was nearby. I teleported back to my base. I had another matter to take care of, so I was afk for several minutes, during which he frantically began calling to me in chat, to the point of even PMing me, asking for me to mine more spawners for him. At this point I decided to confront him over the matter, leading to him admitting that he was using an x-ray hack to find the spawners, but believed it didn't matter since it "didn't negatively impact" me.

    Copy of full chat log is attatched to this post. Skip to 21:00 for the important parts.

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